In this week’s rip-roaring installment, our trio of musical voyagers have expanded! Aron Woldeslassie, hot off his star guest appearance last week, has decided to stick around as a host and the quartet’s first assignment is almost a photo negative of Straight Outta Compton, last week’s album. This time around, the group explores what happened when hip-hop exploded throughout the upper east and west sides of New York City in the mid-80s, coalescing in 1986’s Licensed To Ill, the bratty, on-the-nose yet resonant punk-rap debut record by Beastie Boys, three shrimpy white Manhattanites who were three of the first to latch on to the new uptown sound about to sweep NYC and the rest of the country. Topics discussed include (but are not limited to): samples, Reverse Macklemore, Madonna, who Limp Bizkit is thankful for, etc.

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