This week Michaela and Mike talk about Michaela's trip to Aruba, Jumping out of an airplane, and for a more serious topic. Mental Health. Dive in to find out what has gone on for the last few weeks and to learn what having anxiety and depression feels like. If you suffer from anxiety or depression or both email us at we would love to hear your stories and how you are handing the experience. If you or someone you know have symptoms of anxiety and depression make sure you get help. It may feel like nothing matters but it does get better. If you notice these behavior changes in yourself or loved ones reach out. These are some common side effects to look out for: Loss of motivation, Always tired or wanting to sleep, changes in mood from happy to sad, or angry. Struggling to do things that you love. Suicidal thoughts. 

You have people that love and support you, make sure to reach out to them.